Book an appointment

You can only book an appointment using the booking interface of the website. Please only contact me here, as I do not have the capacity to monitor all messages regarding appointments on other platforms (Instagram, Facebook).

Exception: if discussing asubsequent meeting or consultation.

I would like to ask for your patience regarding my answer as it may take several days.

Average response time: 5-7 days.

Thank you very much for your trust in me, I am very happy you chose me!

I am looking forward to working together.

    The booking process

    You will first receive a letter with general information about pre- and after-care. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions provided to make sure your tattoo will really turn out as you wish.

    In case you do not follow the given advice and thus do not prepare your body and skin properly (your skin is too dry, you got a sunburn or have been to the solarium or you have a hangover, you are exhausted etc.), the work is going to take longer which will affect the final price. In extreme cases, I can even withdraw from further work together. Without proper pre-care, I can not guarantee the quality either.

    After I read the information provided, the booking process can proceed in the two following ways:

    1. I will invite you to the studio for a personal consultation so I can get a better picture of your idea. We will discuss all the important details once more and I will try to determine how many sessions your tattoo will require. Such consultations are usually needed in case of larger tattoos requiring multiple sessions.
    2. In case of small or medium-sized tattoos, I will offer you a few possible appointment dates to choose from right away. Of course, the price quote will also be included in the letter.

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