Good to know

The appropriate physical condition for tattoo

Appropriate physical condition for a tattoo means being free from any illnesses.

  • If you come to your appointment with a weakened immune system, the quality of your tattoo after the healing period cannot be guaranteed. A weakened organism will produce an elevated defensive immune response as a reaction to any foreign substances entering the body. Your immune system will not be able to make difference between pathogens and tattoo ink, so your body will more likely reject and expel the ink and you will be much more prone to inflammation.

Same applies to anyone who:

  • has just recovered from an illness in the past 1 week.
  • feels weak or under the weather, about to get sick
  • is about to undergo a surgery or has recently had one

Appropriate physical condition means not having diabetes

  • Diabetes comes with a permanent immunocompromised state. The tattoo would likely heal just as described above, therefore there is no way to guarantee the quality. If you have diabetes, it is not recommended to get tattooed at all.

Appropriate physical condition means not having any contagious illness

  • HIV, Hepatitis, HPV, etc. – I would not risk working with a contagious person, even despite paying close attention to hygiene and using disposable tools. You should not put more burdens on your weakened body either as it would only hinder its recovery.

I only tattoo clients of legal age.

  • Under 18: There are several, both physical and mental factors contributing to this rule. To keep it short, I am only asking you to make responsible decisions regarding permanent changes to your body. I take my part of this responsibility, that’s why I don’t tattoo guests under the age of 18.

Appropriate physical condition means not being pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Baby matters – pregnancy planning, pregnancy, breastfeeding: You should never get a tattoo during these periods. While your tattoo is healing, your body is much more prone to infections, especially with insufficient after-care. Getting a tattoo could influence your chances getting pregnant, endanger your ongoing pregnancy or put your baby’s health at risk during breastfeeding. Rather wait until this period passes.

Appropriate physical condition means your skin is also healthy and prepared for the session.

  • Regular and frequent solarium visits, as well as excessive sun exposure: UV radiation can damage even your existing tattoos by destroying the ink under your skin. This will cause your tattoo to fade at a much faster rate: to an extent even a tattoo you got a few years ago could look like it was already over 10 years old.

Appropriate condition for a tattoo means being free of any chronic skin diseases and being able to take proper care of your skin both before, during and after the tattoo session.

  • Damaged or unhealthy skin surface: Do not get tattooed on body parts (either permanently or temporarily) suffering from shingles, eczema or any other skin disease.
  • I don not tattoo sunburnt skin or wounds, cuts, abrasions or bruises. You will have to wait until your skin is completely healed.
  • Modern tattoo inks do NOT contain any metal derivatives which used to be the most frequent ingredient causing allergic reactions in the past. These inks are not harmful to your health compared to the ones used 20 years ago – which used to contain metal derivatives.
  • While suffering from a skin disease, getting tattooed is not recommended at all
  • However, I have never encountered an allergic reaction to the ink so far!
  • My tattoo inks are 100% vegan and nickel free.
    Skin surfaces unsuitable for tattoos
    • any part of the fingers
    • palms and the edge of the palms
    • back of the hands
    • soles and sole edges
    • lateral part of the feet
    • around the heels and ankle bones
    • knees and elbows
    • wrist – csukló hajlat?
    • palate and inner lips
    • auricules, earlobes or behind the ears


    • Tattoos on these body parts are much more prone to fading. Due to external influences, the epithelial (skin) cells of these areas are replaced at a much higher rate. Aesthetic end results can not be guaranteed on these body parts as the design is going to become uneven and fragmented very quickly, right after the tattoo heals.
    • Therefore, I do not tattoo on these body parts, as it is absolutely certain the tattoo would wear off very soon (and correction within guarantee time would not make sense either)
      In which cases will I reject working with you?
      • If you need a cover-up
      • If you need to have a tattoo done by an other artist corrected
      • If you want a genital tattoo
      • If your tattoo would be in a foreign language using non-latin letters
      • If you want to have forbidden symbols tattooed
      • If your idea is too dense in motifs for the chosen size/surface
      • If you want a tattoo on a skin surface where it would not last (body parts listed above)
      • If you are indecisive about the design
      • If you are under 18 years of age