Correction & Guarantee

Human skin is a living tissue, therefore your tattoo will not behave the same way as a line drawn on paper. Your tattoo will constantly keep changing along with your skin. Over the time, the tattoo loses its intensity (by about 40%) and the lines will lose some of their edges as the ink spreads under the skin. This is completely normal and natural.

Ont he picture below, you can compare the fresh and the healed state of a tattoo I made:

I am 100% committed to achieve best possible quality while tattoing, but you will also need to contribute to ensure perfect, long-lasting end results. Read more about proper aftercare here.

The first healing phase of a tattoo takes around 4 weeks; your skin will first peel (first week) and then the tattoo will slowly begin to integrate into your skin.

Guarantee period: first 2 months after the session

Feel free to reach out to me about your correction needs on Instagram or Facebook.

It is very important to stay within the 2-month period indicated above. Otherwise, the correction will not be free of charge.

The correction can only be done after the 4-week first healing phase. Even if you reach out earlier, I can only give you an appointment after the first 4 weeks.

In case the damage was obviously caused by not following the pre- or aftercare instructions, or if you indicate your need for correction after 2 months have passed, correction fees are the following:

  • Minor touch-ups, line correction (in case of smaller tattoos): 20.000 Ft (baseline price)
  • Correction of a bigger piece: the price will be determined individually, considering the amount of work needed (consultation is required in this case).

 Important: I do not correct the work of other tattoo artists.